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SR. Litty

Abraham Lincoln said, “Reputation is the shadow. Character is the tree.” That means our character is much more than just what we try to display for others to see, it is who we are even when no one is watching. Good character is doing right thing because it is right to do what is right.

Dictionary gives many definitions for character; the one I like among those is that “The stable and distinctive qualities built into an individual’s life which determines his or her response regardless of circumstances.”Yes Rajeshwar School, the management and staff is trying to mould our students for the same.

According to academic analysts the youth of future generation are going to be more violence and deviant behavior but for me not only the youth of future, today’s children have the same behavior. This deteriorating trend is a matter of great concern to parents as well as teachers. So our school is oriented to the formation of a child and adaptation of various methods suiting the dynamics of changing world in order to achieve common goals and objectives. It is further characterized by fraternal love and deeper faith in God to achieve these goals

Dear students it is my message to all of you, the people of fine character live by values. They are honest and committed to truthfulness in thought, word and deed. True character thus encompasses the capacity for self discipline. Unless and until you disciplined yourself you are not going to achieve in life….Character creates self respect, which in turn leads to high self esteem. Maturity is reflected in all aspects of character, the decisions you make, the friends you choose and the responsibilities you take. What you are God’s gift to you, what you become is your gift to God. So bring out the best in each one of you. Let me conclude with the inspiring quotation by Albert Einstein “Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value”.

Wish you all the best, May God bless you.

SR. Litty,
M.Sc., B.Ed
Since 2015