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Harmonious development of the child as well as the unfolding of his potentialities. Developing the character of the students with attitudes needed for a balanced, confident mature outgoing and preparation for complete living. Providing knowledge of all such subjects, which are essential for day to day life leading the students to think scientifically and make decisions realistically. Inspiring the child to have a spirit of love and respect for all ,for God and for our country. Developing qualities like leadership, creativity, nationalism and humanitarian feelings.

India is the largest democracies of the world and all of us are proud to be an Indian. However it is disheartening ..

The School believes in Hard-work, Honesty and Team work which is necessary for success in life.

The school conducts many events during the year. Find the details of both old and new events in chronological order.

Since the advent of the Internet, the concept of community has less geographical limitation, as people can ..

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